Who Should You Use for Shipping?

which shipper should you use, beverly hills private mailbox

Many shipping companies exist, but nowadays most people only know of four main providers: USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Anyone wanting to ship will want to know what the best choice is, and the short answer is “it depends”.

USPS (United States Postal Service)

This is an independent agency of the United States federal government, and we’ve all grown up with them coming to our doorsteps most days of the week. They provide full delivery services around the world. The biggest advantage they have is cost. Their prices are usually lowest relative to their competition. This is not 100% of the time, because there are sometimes competitive rates with other carriers. The USPS does have its limitations and challenges. First, it does not guarantee delivery. It does deliver fairly consistently, but its services are not as reliable as the other carriers. Second, they usually have a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds versus 150 pounds for other carriers.

FedEx and UPS (United Parcel Service)

These two private shipping carriers are well established and have found their own sweet spots. Their rates are comparable in many areas. If you took an average, UPS tends to be a bit cheaper but we recommend checking both providers, because it’s not consistent across the board. As for service, they both do a very good job of providing consistent, on-time service.


DHL has done well establishing a niche for itself as an International shipping carrier. If you are looking to send something to almost anywhere in the world in a quick fashion, DHL is the best option. They are reliable and efficient. Their pricing is not as affordable as USPS but they do provide very accurate timeframes for delivering the item so you can rest assured it’ll get there.

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