Sustainable Packing and Shipping

sustainable packing

As customers become more aware of their shopping behavior, they’re not only looking for sustainable packing products but also brands and businesses devoted to being environmentally friendly in all aspects of their process.

When customers become aware of their ecological impact, the e-commerce industry must modify their packaging material to become environmentally friendly. Improving the packaging not only reduces a business’ carbon footprint, it can also help a trading name to stand out to customers and can even lower logistical expenses.

Shipping is a necessary part of selling products online. The way these products are packaged and shipped has an impact on the planet—and consumers are taking note.

The best solution to this problem is sustainable packaging. Sustainable packing and shipping can decrease a business’ and a consumers’ ecological footprint over time.


This can happen in several behaviors:

  • Ingredients: Using raw material or 100% recycled materials.
  • Production process: By minimizing the manufacturing process, supply sequence and carbon footprint.
  • Re-usability: By creating a globular economy around the packaging, extending its usability.


Natural fabrics

If the item that is being sent is not delicate, it might not require much protection further than the original packaging. After all, nearly all products end up being twice or triple-packaged by the time they arrive at the consumer. Instead, try packaging the products in cotton or burlap material that can guard the original package against bumps and scratch. When bought in bulk, this packaging decision might even be extra cost-effective than boxes and produces fewer toxins throughout production.


Paper or reusable envelopes

Paper and cardboard are common packaging materials and they are already recyclable. However, merchants commonly create boxes that are way too large for the manufactured goods inside, wasting stuff and space. Not only does this waste material, it also increases the expenses for the e-commerce business. Instead, create thinner and smaller packaging – like an envelope – that fits the product more directly to decrease delivery costs and wasted cardboard. It’s better to use a reusable envelope that patrons can send back once they have received their purchased product.


Creative, reusable packaging

Instead of using materials that are destined to be thrown away, dream up a new use for your covering. A box printed with cutting information could become a doll house or you can use it to store things. A very long-lasting container could be folded up and sent back to the seller for reuse. A burlap bag could turn into a new reusable grocery tote. With the right state of mind, there are thousands of selections for the e-commerce industry looking to re-brand with a more eco-friendly style.


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