Who Should be a Private Mailbox Owner

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Being a private mailbox owner has many advantages which we’ve discussed before.  From convenience to security, private mailbox owners get some great benefits.  But, who should strongly consider being a private mailbox owner?  The following is a list of five individuals who would benefit a lot from a private mailbox:

  • Students:  If you are anything like me, you will likely move around at least a half dozen times while you are in college.  Having a private mailbox allows you to keep your movements private and reduce the hassle of changing your mailing address every time you move.  Many college students utilize the private mailbox as a means for consistency.
  • Home Businesses:  Anytime you are running a business out of your home, you are running the risk of inviting a “crazy” customer to your front door and potentially exposing your family to problems.  Home based businesses should consider using a private mailbox as their primary business address to protect themselves and family.
  • Online Businesses:  Similar to home based businesses, online business owners usually do not have a brick and mortar location.  They also need a physical address for mailing and showcasing that they are “real” businesses.  This is why a private mailbox would be ideal for such business owners.
  • Mobile Individuals:  People who travel a lot or move around need private mailboxes.  Their constant movement forces them to not receive items in a timely manner and potentially impact their credit should items be late.  A private mailbox business will often have the ability to forward and/or scan mail to them so it would get there in a timely manner.  Additionally, you wouldn’t have to worry about doing vacation holds each time you go away.
  • Landlords:  Similar to the home based business, landlords are running their own business.  Using your home address for conducting this business results in your tenants knowing exactly where to find you.  If you encounter an unstable tenant, this could prove problematic for you and your family.

While any individual can become a private mailbox owner for its convenience and safety, these five types are the ideal types due to their unique nature.  If you have questions, talk to the private mailbox experts at Mail Boxes Times.