Which Shipping Company Is Cheapest

Which Shipping Company Is Cheapest?


When shipping a parcel, either locally or internationally, finding the cheapest option is an important priority. Most people looking for a shipping company are weighing a number of different options. Which choice gives the greatest value for the weight and dimensions of the parcel to be sent? Which company gives the lowest prices for the fastest delivery? With so many options and variables to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one. By researching and investigating as many options as possible, you have the best chance of finding the right choice. Here we look at some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing the cheapest shipping company for local and international postage.

Are Your Shipping Internationally or Locally?

Local shipping is obviously much less expensive than international shipping. USPS can offer reasonable international shipping rates on smaller items. However, Fedex and UPS can work out to be more economical when shipping larger or bulkier items.

Is It A Single Item or Bulk?

For shipping one off items, using USPS can often be the cheapest shipping option, especially if your delivery will fit into a flat rate box. However, if you can prove that you are regularly shipping parcels, you may be able to negotiate a better deal with UPS, Fedex or DHL. This helps to make these shipping companies the more economical option.

How Large are Your Items?

In most cases, if you are shipping smaller items less than 2 pounds in weight, the cheapest shipping option will be USPS. If your item can fit into a USPS flat rate box, this can provide even greater value for your shipping, regardless of the item weight. However, the trade off when using USPS for shipping is reliability.

For packages 2 pounds or heavier, UPS or Fedex ground shipping are the best shipping options. At weights of two pounds and above, the USPS shipping prices are not much different to the UPS and Fedex prices. With the added service and reliability these companies offer, UPS and Fedex become the preferable choice for larger packages.

how-fast-do-you-need-it-shippedHow Fast Do You Need Shipping to Be?

USPS Express shipping offers the most economical option for fast and efficient shipping. USPS Express shipping is either next day or two-day shipping. You can find out which option is available to you when you are planning to ship by checking online.

The only drawback with using USPS Express shipping is that it can sometimes be unreliable. Packages may actually arrive in a two-day timeframe instead of the next day. In the worst case scenario, the packages may not arrive at all.

How To Choose the Cheapest Shipping Option

It can be confusing and time consuming to sort through all the options for shipping for every package you need to send. This is where a private mailbox can help by providing information on all your shipping options in one place at one time. Private mailboxes specialize in advising you on your shipping choices according to your individual needs.

Taking the time to compare and choose the most economical shipping option can save you hundreds of dollars if you are shipping regularly. Discussing your unique shipping needs with the experts at your local private mailbox can help you find the most economical choice out of all the shipping options available.