Sending Physical Mail is Good Business

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The internet has reduced the number of people that use physical mail to reach out to customers, prospective clients and to close deals. This is good news for you, because real, tangible mail is now something exclusive and personal.

When I receive something in the mail with my name on it, and it looks like it might be personal, I never fail to open it. Anyone would want to open mail like this, it’s almost like getting a present! According to Compu-Mail, 23% of consumers reported they bought or ordered from a company after receiving physical mail from them.

Common practises have shifted to email, social media, blogs, and video content to attract more customers and reach out to clients. These are great mediums, and worth doing. And still most people appreciate a paper postcard, card, or letter.

Why Postal Mail Can Be Good for Business

Contacting your customers and potential customers is always the goal of marketing. Ideally, the way you do it can make them feel a connection to you. Your email campaign can do a great job of reaching a wide audience for you, but what about that special tier of customer that holds the most potential for you? The repeat customers, the ones who’ve referred others to you, or the customers that are close to closing their first deal with you? They call for extra connection. These are great occasions to use the nostalgic affection created by snail mail.

Some Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Mailings:

Exclusive Invites

Having an event? Is there something special you need to communicate to a relatively small group? It’s so easy to get lost in the email in-box of important people. Small-batch invitations and postcards, filled out by hand, is a much more powerful way to pique the interest of a busy CEO or business leader. Not only will it be unique, but it shows personal attention.


Width, Height and Depth

Packages, even the smallest ones, make people feel special. And what can packages hold? Gifts. Give a token of your appreciation to loyal customers. Something small but personal feeling. Think of what your customer would appreciate. Are you a book publisher? Perhaps a lovely leather bookmark would be right. Do you sell furniture? Maybe a charming lightweight coaster set is the way to go. These small expenditures on your part can mean large loyalty for your brand.


Send Thank You Notes

Thanking customers for placing an order is fairly standard now, but most businesses send a thank you along with the order. How magical would it be to receive a thank you card and coupon for your next order a week later, after you’ve begun to enjoy your new purchase? This allows you one more occasion to remind your customer of their value to you. Don’t limit thank yous to orders, only though. You can send thank yous after meetings, and for small actions like sharing your content online. Really, any reason to extend a “Thank you” is a good reason.


Celebrate Occasions

Sending a postcard for big holidays is nice, but how about sending a postcard for less common occasions, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and milestones like the birth of children? You can even send out celebratory mail to customers on their anniversary for working with the company.

Creating these small mailings of a few gifts here, a few cards there, 40 postcards or 100 letters is something you can do in your office without sending them out to a big printer. Once you’ve made your mailings, bring them into Mail Boxes Times where you can take advantage of bulk mailing rates, metered mail, or find the best shipping rate available. We’re here to help you woo your customers.