Running a Successful Postcard Campaign

postcard campaign

postcard campaign

Postcard marketing is a perfect choice if you want to establish ongoing customer relationships. After all, customer loyalty is earned, not given. And postcard campaigns create ongoing connections.

How to Run a Postcard Campaign

Postcard campaigns sound simple enough- you send out postcards, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. A successful postcard campaign is well planned.

It’s important to know:

  • Who the right people are to mail
  • How the business benefits from the mailing
  • How the customer benefits from the mailing
  • What your long term plan is for the campaign

Postcard campaigns are not one-shot deals. They’re relationship builders. So plan on mailing your client at least 4 times on the same theme. Not with the same content, but still working on the same goal. For example, building trust in your return/exchange policy, teaching the customer about the different services you do, or other campaign goal.


Postcard Design

Postcard design is crucial to your campaign. Anything you want to say needs to be understood by the reader, after all. Make your postcard easy to understand at a glance.

Use clear headlines with action words in them. Include an easy to understand image that communicates or creates the emotion you want the customer to feel. Make sure your business branding is evident on both sides of the card. Use as few words as you can, but as many words as you need to communicate properly.


Postcard Size Matters

There are different costs associated with sending different sized cards. This may tempt you to use the smallest or most economical postcard size, but don’t be swayed. Larger postcards perform better, and are much less likely to be shuffled between envelopes unnoticed. Cartoon-like oversize postcards are not always appropriate, but going on the larger size is generally best.


Choosing Postcard Campaign Colors

Full color postcards show ample budget and class, but they aren’t the only good choice. To save cash and create an impact, consider using high contrast colors or complimentary colors instead of full color printing. This can be very eye-catching and notable for being different.

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