Private Mailbox Regulations

private mailbox regulationsThrough the 20 years of running Mail Boxes Times in Beverly Hills, we have become experts in the nuances of private mailbox regulations. Mail Boxes Times is a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) as we provide private mailboxes. These are secure, anonymous mail deposit slots that we can rent to our customers. An individual may associate it directly or indirectly with themselves so they can keep their mail private and not associated with themselves.


Who can Access the Mailbox?

By law, only a select few people may touch the mail related to the mailbox. The post office personnel who are in charge of delivering the mail can touch it. The CMRA employees who transition the mail into the private mailbox may touch it. Finally, the legal users of the private mailbox may also get the mail. In order to be allowed to access the mailbox, you must provide at least two forms of identification; one must include a photo of yourself. You must also keep your real name and address on file, along with photocopies of your ID. You can then grant legal authorization to particular people, such as a spouse or business partner, access to the private mailbox. Beyond this, no one else may access the mailbox and its contents. These limitations are to protect privacy and prevent criminal activity.


How to Denote your Mailbox?

A private mailbox has restrictions on you can do addresses for it. You cannot use the terms Street, Apartment, Unit or any other title that might indicate the mailbox is located at a public office or home. The only labels that are allowed for private mailboxes are either “#” or “PMB”. This helps keep individuals from committing scams or mail fraud. Even in our business and with all the regulation, we see these attempts all the time.


Revealing Information

CMRA can only reveal the information regarding a mailbox under specific circumstances. An entity must use a warrant, subpoena or legal writ from law enforcement agencies in order to compel them to disclose the boxholder’s information. Without it, the legal name and contact information of the customer cannot be revealed.

Should you or your company need a private mailbox in Beverly Hills, talk to the experts at Mail Boxes Times to get your new mail address.