Private Mailbox Rental Benefits over a PO Box

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So you have a business and are deciding between using a USPS PO Box and a Private Mailbox Rental.  What are the benefits of using a private mailbox?  Why not use a PO Box?  Don’t they both provide you the security of having your home or business address anonymous.  Here are some of the reasons that private mailbox rental benefits over a PO Box.

  1. There are many companies that will not mail items to PO boxes.  In fact, they say in their fine print that we do not send items to a PO Box.  As a result, you may see yourself limited in how much you can keep your other address hidden.  This concern doesn’t exist with private mailboxes.
  2. The lack of a physical address makes PO box addresses look less professional.  Private mailboxes have a physical address and you can get one in popular locations like Beverly Hills.
  3. Outside of USPS, other shipping providers to not deliver to PO box addresses.  Thus, if a customer tries to send you an item via FedEx or UPS then you would not be able to have it delivered to your PO box.  On the other hand, if you had a private mailbox, they will accept such packages and hold it for you until you can pick it up.
  4. PO boxes have size limitations.  The post office will only allow packages that fit in the box with the exception of USPS packages.  In other words, if you get a large package from a third party shipper, USPS shall not hold it.  Private mailbox sites like Mail Boxes Times will hold packages when they don’t fit in the box regardless of the shipper.
  5. The personal touch at a private mailbox rental store is substantially higher than at a USPS PO box. Unlike the post office which usually is not run by a business owner, the owners of mailbox rental sites have an incentive to give higher quality care to their customers.  This doesn’t mean the USPS doesn’t want the best for their customers but there is something inherently different when you are a business owner.
  6. The one remaining big difference between them is cost.  Most PO boxes are much cheaper than renting a private mailbox.

While both systems will give you the convenience and security, keep in mind the private mailbox rental benefits.  If you have questions, contact the experts at Mail Boxes Times.