How Private Mailboxes Can Help Prevent Fraud


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Your mailbox is the riskiest non-technological point for identity theft, according to a study released in October 2007. The amount of items and information that come and go from your mailbox (or your porch) is way beyond anywhere else in our 3 dimensional lives.

Here are just a couple ways that your home mailbox may be vulnerable:


Data Seekers

One example of Data Seekers is a mail theft scheme where criminals used stolen Postal uniforms to impersonate mail carriers. Instead of leaving mail for residents, however, the counterfeit carriers were picking mail out of delivery boxes. They were collecting data on the people in each home so that they could impersonate the residents online to access bank accounts, credit lines, and more. They were caught in 2002, but this method is almost surely still in use today.

Have your mail delivered to a staffed location with locked mail boxes, and you can be sure this isn’t going to work on you.


Porch Pirates

A little while ago a Beverly Hills postmates delivery driver became YouTube notorious after being caught on video stealing Amazon boxes off a customer’s porch. If his customer wasn’t recording, he may have never known for sure where his items went.

Porch Pirates are in every city, but especially Beverly Hills. These sailors don’t want your social security number, they just want your new laptop. Or maybe they’re getting your laundry detergent refill from Amazon, they don’t know. Maybe the thrill is in the gamble? These are crimes of opportunity, and the easiest and most reliable way to stop them is a private mailbox.


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