Local Mailbox Store and Actual Shipper Differences

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When you mail or ship items, your choice of drop-off point may simply be based on convenience. Taking your package straight to the shipper, you might visit the local post office or the closest shipper storefront. If you’re lucky, your town will have a private local mailbox store like Mail Boxes Times. What are the differences between shipping with a local mailbox store and directly with the shipper?

More Personalized Attention at the Private Mailbox Store

When you need to mail or ship something, you might think your only options are the post office, or a big corporate conglomerate with a storefront. They sell tape and boxes, and will ship for you. Post offices and shipping storefronts can be overcrowded and busy, and you might need to wait for an extended period to get hand over your package.

When you choose to ship with a local private mailbox store, the staff and facilities are designed to conveniently address more of your needs. They not only sell the necessities of shipping, but they’re ready to address other tasks you might have as well. Staff at a private mailbox store take the time to get to know you and your business, so they can provide you with the ideal shipping service and other business services, all in one place.

More Security and Reliability

Visiting your local mailbox store instead of the actual shipper can give you a greater assurance of security and more confidence in the reliability of the services. The staff at a private mailbox are committed to providing the best service, even packing, addressing and shipping your mail or items for you. They will want to guarantee a happy customer by providing you the best in not only customer service but also in security and reliability.

In general, your private information will be better guarded because fewer people have access to it. You can feel more secure that your items for mailing/shipping will be kept secure until they enter the mail. A private mailbox also has the facilities for you to rent a mailbox with a discreet address separate from your home or business address, so recipients and those sending mail don’t get access to your personal details.

More Products and Business Services

Shipping outfits are pretty focused on one thing—shipping. A local mailbox store usually caters to its customers with a much wider variety of convenient products and services. A private mailbox store stocks a collection of shipping and business materials and will even pack, address and mail your items for you if you don’t have the time.

Other services might include mailbox rental, if you need a secure location for your mail to be delivered. If you own a business, you may want other helpful products or services at a private mailbox. Other available business products can include office and mailing supplies while additional services can include printing, copying, and faxing. You can also typically access a notary at your local mailbox shop.

If these advantages appeal to you, check out your local mailbox store to get a better sense of the services and products they can provide to you. Talk to a private mailbox store about your shipping and mailing needs to learn how they can help your family and business.