Documents You Don’t Have to Notarize, But Might Want To

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Notarization of documents is not what makes the document “real”, it’s what gives the signature on the document integrity. Having been notarized means that an independent third party has witnessed the signing and verified that the document is complete, the signature is authentic, and the signer was of sound mind and signing of their own free will. 

There are times when notarization is a requirement before a document is acceptable in the court of law, to a loan provider, or for other purposes. But notarization isn’t something you can only do when it’s mandated. It’s an available tool to make any document a stronger, more reliable one. 

Any document which requires a guarantee of the authenticity of a signer’s identity should have notarization. This is because if the signer’s signature is a forgery, there will be grave consequences. This also prevents the person from later claiming the signature isn’t theirs, or was against their will. 


Your Will

In many states notarization of your will is not a requirement. Be sure that if you’ve created your own will you sign in front of the legally required number of witnesses for your state, not including the notary. Notarization can give your will more reliable authority than it has without. The exception is if your will is handwritten (not typed) in the state of California, in which case in must not be notarized. 


Affidavit of Oath or Affirmation

Affidavits of written oaths (testaments before God) and affirmations (testaments on personal honor) are formal affirmations of truth. An affidavit could be a testimony in court, or any formalized assertion of truth. Outside of the legal system, there is little need for affidavits, but you’re free to create affidavits to suit your needs.


Contracts for Big Purchases or Sales

When buying or selling expensive assets, you may want a notary involved. When a home is sells and mortgage loan issues, the issuing bank almost always requires notarization of documents. No one is going to require you to use a notary if you use cash to buy or sell a home, a boat, business assets, or car. But using a notary can protect you from a messy transaction. 


Important Photocopies

Some states allow notaries to make or witness the making of a photocopy of an original document. The notary’s signed and sealed certificate, attached to the photocopy, attests to the genuineness of the photocopy, which must be made directly from the original. This can be useful for titles to property, wills and living trusts, and historical documents.

Birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates and other vital public records. The originals of these documents reside with governmental entities such as county clerks or the state division of vital statistics. Only the governmental entity that holds the original public or vital record may produce certified copies of these documents. 


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