How To Find A Notary Near You In A Hurry

If you have ever had important documents to be notarized, you know it can be inconvenient.  Typically, when we need a notary it is for some urgent paper-work, and there is little time to waste.

Here are a few ways to find a notary near you in a hurry:

Private Mailbox Companies

Some mailbox and shipping companies offer notary services.  These locations may be easy to access as you do not have to be a member or frequent customer, and they are often open in the evenings. A private mailbox can even arrange a notary to come to you at a time or place that suits you. Because of the dispersed location and long business hours of private mailboxes, this can be one of the best places to find a notary in a hurry.

Your Personal Bank

Many banks, especially credit unions, have a notary on staff.  If you have a personal bank that you use, they may offer notary services as a free convenience.  Just make sure you call ahead for their availability.

Your Insurance Agent

If you have insurance, you may have easy access to a notary.  Many insurance agencies have notaries on staff for their own transactions.  If you are a customer, they may be willing to notarize your documents.

Local Public Library

Public libraries offer more than books.  Many public libraries offer services to the public, such as notary services.  Some do this as a free service, while some charge a small fee.  It may be hard to get an appointment at the time you like, but you can always call your library to find out.

Local Government Offices

You may be able to find a notary at your local city hall or court office.  Often these entities make their notary services available to the public.  You may want to call ahead to ask about the notary services.

Workplace or University

Depending on where you work, your office or business may have a notary on staff, who would be able to notarize your documents.  If you are a student or live near a university, many universities have free notaries on campus.  You can find out by visiting their webpage or contacting the main information desk.

Use a Directory

If you are struggling to find a notary near you at any of the above options.  You can use a directory to help.  You might do an internet search for notary and the name of your town.  You might also use websites such as the American Association of Notaries Notary Locator.

Mobile Notary Service

If you are in a significant hurry and do not have the time to track down a notary, then travel to their location, you could instead consider a mobile notary service.  This can be a real convenience.  You simply contact them, let them know what you need, and request that they come to your location.

If you’re in a hurry and need a notary to get your documents ready, your best options may be a mobile notary or a notary located at your local private mailbox.  Having your documents notarized at a private mailbox also puts you one step closer to also getting those documents in the mail, and on the way to their destination so you can take care of the process quickly and efficiently.