Your Essential Summer Vacation Checklist

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, your mind may be turning to summer vacation and plans for your next getaway. Everyone looks forward to going on vacation, but being properly prepared can take months of stress and planning. This is even more true if you’re planning to travel overseas for your vacation or are traveling with a family. Here we look at your essential summer vacation checklist to ensure you have everything ready before you pack your bags and go.


If you’re planning to travel overseas, a valid passport is going to be necessary to get from place to place. To get a passport you need to fill in the required application form, provide identification and an up to date passport photo. If you need new passport photos in a hurry, one of the best places to get them done quickly, correctly and conveniently is at a private mailbox.

Extra Passport Photos

When travelling overseas, it’s worthwhile carrying a few extra copies of your passport sized photos in different dimensions. These are often necessary for visas and when you are joining a tour group. Your local private mailbox can provide extra passport photos in the sizes and dimensions needed for your particular travel destination and needs.

Travel Insurance

We all want to enjoy ourselves and have fun on vacation, but sometimes accidents happen. Your flights might be delayed, you miss a connection, your baggage gets lost or you get sick or injured. While accidents and mishaps are sometimes unavoidable, they don’t have to ruin your trip. Travel insurance keeps you covered for the unexpected no matter what happens.

Quality Luggage

You want to make sure your luggage is of high quality and the right size to accommodate the needs of your trip. Choose a trusted brand composed of strong yet light material, and always lock your luggage while traveling.

Appropriate Gear and Clothing

Enjoying your vacation means being prepared for your destination, no matter how hot or cold or adventurous it might be. Read up on travel guides and other traveler’s experiences to understand what kind of clothing and equipment you might need for your destination.

Flights, Tours and Accommodation

It’s essential to book flights, tours and accommodation in advance of your trip to ensure you have a vacation to go on! It’s important to be organized and book in advance, and if you can’t do it all alone, get a travel agent to help you.

Budgets and Money

It’s essential to have local currency to spend in your holiday destination, as well as a way to access funds while ensuring you don’t blow your budget. Many credit cards can be used overseas and multiple currency cash cards help making access to local currency easier.

Looking After Your Home

It’s also important to consider who is going to look after your home while you’re away. You may have pets that need to be fed, plants that have to be watered, and mail that needs to be collected. One of the benefits of a private mailbox is that your mail is always collected promptly and kept safe and secure away from mailbox thieves whether you’re at home or away.

Getting ready to go on vacation can be exciting, but you also need to be prepared. Use this summer checklist to help you get ready for your vacation and have the safest, most enjoyable and stress-free summer vacation ever.