Current Shipping Trends

With the online e-commerce market growing and customers continuing to want their items quicker.  These two priorities are what is driving the shipping trends for this year.  The following are what to look out for:

Expanded Delivery Methods

We can expect to see more creative ways to get packages delivered.  Amazon has already experimented with drone delivery and this has already become a reality.  In addition, we will likely see more lockers installed around time.  These will allow for faster, easier delivery.

Rate Hikes

Every year we’ve seen an annual hike in rates by both UPS and FedEx.  In the past two years, rate increases have actually occurred in the middle of the year too.  The challenge is that outside of Amazon, there is not much competition in the shipping space.  There are only two main private players:  UPS and FedEx so they can raise rates regularly.

Increased Customer Focus

The continued expansion of the online space is leading to the greater need for businesses to make connections with their customers through getting packages delivered quickly, cleanly, and with constant communication.  In this regard, you will find shippers providing greater detail on delivery statuses.  We are already seeing it with companies showing how many stops before your package is delivered.  Businesses are giving more exact timeframes and even images of the package at your front door upon delivery.

Environmental Friendliness

Just like with other industries, companies are working towards more eco-friendly solutions with packaging and delivery.  This means using electric vehicles for last mile deliveries.  It also involves using recycled material for packing and shipping.

Shipping Refinements

When shippers began charging for unusual packages, businesses started having to become creative in packing certain items.  This has led and will continue to lead to more standardized packaging.

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