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Tips for Passport Photos

  Most people don’t like having their passport photo taken. However the following tips should be enough to guide you through the special requirements. Passport dimensions can vary from country to country, here are the requirements of US Passport pictures. You can get a passport photo from any location specializing in professional passport photos. Technically, […]

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Passport Photos

The Most Convenient Notary in Beverly Hills Neighborhood

  When you live in a busy city neighborhood like Beverly Hills, it can be a bustling whirlwind of people and places from day to day. That’s why when you’re building a business while managing the tasks of a busy life, it can become extra valuable to have familiar places and businesses you can count […]

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Your Essential Summer Vacation Checklist

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, your mind may be turning to summer vacation and plans for your next getaway. Everyone looks forward to going on vacation, but being properly prepared can take months of stress and planning. This is even more true if you’re planning to travel overseas for […]


  Did you know it’s the perfect time to get a passport? These things take time and if you plan on traveling this spring or summer, you might want to consider putting in your application now before you have to stress out about it getting back to you in time. Passports are a crucial piece […]

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