Do You Need a Business Card and Letterhead?

business card letterhead printing in house


A lot has changed about how business is done over the years, and how we use printed assets for our businesses has changed too.


You Need Professional Printed Materials When:


Meeting New People


If you’re growing a business in Beverly Hills, you probably already know that networking, meeting people, making yourself memorable is important to your success. Your business card (or lack of business card) says a lot to your new acquaintance about who you are and how seriously you take your business. Giving a card is smoother and more seamless than exchanging numbers in your phones, and it also ensures they remember both your name and what business you’re in. It’s an easy way to set yourself up for a successful business connection.


Selling With an Online or Small Boutique Shop


Maybe you sell homemade soaps, knitted hats, custom incense, or other craft products. You know it’s not enough to wrap a piece of jute around your product and send it off. You need to attach a business card if you hope to have repeat business. Even better, you can include a hand written thank-you note on branded letterhead in the box as you ship out your product. Use this opportunity to make an impression.


Your Customers Want to Refer You


When you’ve impressed a client or customer, they can write about you on Yelp, or Facebook, or elsewhere online. But it is a sales truth that referrals matter more coming from known and trusted people. When your client hands your professionally printed card to a friend, it carries much more weight than an online review. Plus they’re probably responding to a known need for your services. The value in that in irreplaceable by other method.


For Customer Retention


Once you’ve done business, your client won’t likely be prompted to think about you often. Maybe not even the next time they need your product or services. By then they may have forgotten your business name or not retained strong positive feelings about the experience. A note, whether hand-written or printed, sent through the mail before you expect them to need to purchase again can put you back in the front of their mind and in a positive light.

To have your custom business cards, stationary or letterhead printed close to home, visit or contact us at Mail Boxes Times. We can help you format your new cards or paper, and submit your order to our trusted printer. You can then pick up your new materials right here at our storefront when they’re done.