5 Security Benefits of a Private Mailbox

You might not think of your mail as something you need to protect. But when you think about it, much of your private and sensitive information is sent through the mail. This can include your full name, your home address, your business name and contact details, credit card statements, bank statements, private documents, and other personal information. That’s not to mention that many homeowners receive packages at their home address that may also be valuable or sensitive. There’s no denying that identity theft  is a significant issue in our society today. Stealing personal mail is a way that many identity thieves get started hijacking your identity. Protecting your identity and sensitive information starts with protecting your mail. Here we look at five ways a private mailbox is better for your safety and security.

You Get A Real Street Address Without Revealing Your Home Address

A private mailbox allows you all the benefits of regular street address without you needing to reveal the location of your home and family. This can be useful if you need to receive mail and packages from all providers and don’t want to use a PO Box. By not revealing your home address, you limit the risk of receiving junk mail and adverts while avoiding sensitive documents and valuable packages being sent to your home.

Your Home Business Address Remains Private

Many home businesses operate from the family home. Having a street address for business looks more professional, however giving the address of your family home for your business is neither safe nor professional. Many small business owners would prefer that their clients and members of the public don’t know where they reside. A Private mailbox gives you the secure option of a street address as well as full mail services for sending and receiving your business mail, and keeping it safe and secure until you’re ready to pick it up.

Your Mail Is Always Secure

Most homeowners are away from the home when mail and packages are delivered. This means that sensitive mail and potentially valuable packages maybe left unsecured on the doorstep or in the mailbox for long periods of time. This provides ample opportunity for thieves steal your personal documents and packages. It’s a story we hear far too often. With a private mailbox all your documents and packages are directly received and kept secure with 24/7 protection until you’re ready to collect them.

Packages Are Received Immediately

Likewise, any packages sent to your private mailbox are immediately received and kept completely safe and secure until you visit the private mailbox to pick them up. Packages left unguarded on the doorstep are an easy temptation for thieves and often go missing. Keep all your deliveries safe by having them sent to a private mailbox.

Your Home And Mail Is Safe If You Go Away

Nothing says ‘were out of town’ like mail piling up in the mailbox or on the doorstep. Not only does this make your mailbox at target for thieves, it can make your home a target for break-ins as well. Rather than having to put a hold on your mail every time you go out of town, or leaving your mail piling up dangerously out front, a private mailbox keeps your mail secure no matter where you are.


Leaving your mail unsecured provides too many risks to your home and your personal information. By using a private mailbox you can keep your mail and packages safe and secure and always keep your home and family protected.