5 Reasons for Private Mailboxes

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Moving? Opening a Business? Need an alternative address for special needs?

Here are some top reasons why private mailboxes are often the best solution:


1- Privacy

If you are business owner, do you really want to reveal your home address? How does it look to your prospective clients to have your business address at your home? By getting a private mailbox with a real address, you are alleviating these concerns. Thus, you can focus on getting business rather than worrying about your privacy.

2- Security

Have you ever lost mail? Do you see the notices about packages being stolen off your porch? Are you an Amazon Prime member who loves getting goodies but is always worried whether it’ll be there when you get home? Private mailboxes protect against this. A full time person is present at the facility to receive the package and you can then pick it up at your convenience. Thus, you no longer have to watch your front door or coordinate with a neighbor to protect your valuables.

3- Mobility

If your lifestyle requires you to move around a lot, a private mailbox could be a great solution. It allows your mailed to be delivered to a specific location regardless of where your home residence maybe and stops the chaos of doing change of address forms each time you move to ensure you get your mail.

4- Service

Private mailboxes are like a home address. You can get packages and mail from all the major services. Thus, have items sent to your hearts content.

5- Convenience

Some businesses want to have multiple locations or do not want to deal with the day to day headaches of mail. Private mailboxes provide ease and convenience. In fact, many places even offer mail forwarding so you could have a virtual location without ever entering it.

Private mailboxes are wonderful and we offer Beverly Hills Private Mailboxes with 24/7 access. If you have questions or would like to open a private mailbox, contact Mailboxes Times.