5 Steps to Notarize A Document With A Notary Public

5 Steps to Notarizing A Document With A Notary Public


Whether you’re selling a home or transferring the assets in a will, having your documents notarized is an essential part of the process. For official and legal documents such as these, you need to have your signature witnessed by a notary public. Having a document properly notarized can involve several steps, particularly if multiple signatures are needed. Here we look at 5 simple steps to having your documents properly notarized.


review your document before you bring it to get notarizedReview Your Document

Before you go to have your document notarized, it’s important to check and review the document. Be sure your document is completed correctly. If there are any areas of the document that need to be filled in, complete them beforehand. Do not sign the document! The signature must be witnessed by the notary public, so it’s important to leave the signature sections blank until you meet with the notary. You may also wish to take other steps to prepare your document before presenting it to the notary. Because notarized documents are often legal, you may wish to consult the contents of the document with a lawyer. Be certain that you are happy with the document before meeting with the notary.

Find Your Local Notary Public

One of the easiest places to find a notary public is at your local private mailbox. Private mailboxes have a notary public on hand for the specific purpose of notarizing documents and assisting with inquiries. This means you get prioritized time and attention with your notary public at a private mailbox. Notaries can also be found in local banks, courthouses, and real estate and legal offices.

I.D. For All Involved Parties

Every party who needs to sign the document should be physically present and possess a copy of photo I.D. for the notary to check. The purpose of notarizing a document is to guarantee the identity of the person signing the document. It’s important to coordinate a time when all involved parties can meet with the notary together, in order to sign and notarize the document.

Present The Document To the Notarythe fourth step to notarizing a document is to present it to the notary

Once you have found your notary at your local private mailbox or other institution, present the document to them. The document should not be signed yet. In order for the notary to have a general idea of the contents, they may quickly read it. Then they will instruct you as to how to sign and date each relevant section of the document.

Ensure Completion

Upon completion of the notarization, check with your notary to see if any further steps need to be taken. The notary may stamp the document themselves, and they may also fill out a notarial certificate or a notarial journal in accordance with local laws. The notary will inform you if it is also necessary for you to sign the notarial journal.

Once this process in completed, your document has been officially notarized. For more information or the notarization process, or to book an appointment with a notary, contact your local Beverly Hills private mailbox for local notary services.

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